4 Answers to Fast Charging Car Charger


Here are 4 answers to the questions of fast charging car charger .

1) Question : The fast charging car charger can’t be pulled out after inserting into the cigarette holder ?
Answers :
A ) First,confirm whether you usually use a cigarette lighter to smoke? Using a cigarette lighter to light the cigarette, the cigarette lighter is often in a state of high temperature , which easily causes the cigarette lighter to rust and deform.

B ) Second , Does the cigarette lighter have a longer life? The general product will have a corresponding service life, if the cigarette lighter exceeds the service life, the elastic piece inside will be easily deformed, or the spring force of the elastic piece will become smaller.

Both cases mentioned above will cause the car charger that can not be pulled out . The conventional cigarette lighter seat in the market currently has a minimum diameter of about 21 mm. Our car charger design is around 20.5-20.7mm .
In the case of deformation the cigarette lighter, it will not be inserted and unplugged.

Fast charge car charger

Fast charge car charger

2) Question : Fast charging car charger can not be used for Huawei mobile phones, New ipad or does not have fast charging function.
Answer : This is generally a problem with the charging cable . Please check if the charging cable is less than 5A . The charging cable of 1A or 2A can not support fast charging . So it is better to use original cable . or replacement cable with 5A .

Fast Charging Car Charger

Fast Charging Car Charger

3) Question : The car charger is not on/not working when it is inserted into the cigarette lighter ?
A ) First check if the cigarette lighter socket is energized when plugging in other car chargers.
B ) Whether the cigarette lighter seat is seriously rusted.
C ) If non of above problems exist. Then you could consider if it the problem with car charger.

4)Question :Both of the cigarette lighter and car charger are good . But displays no charging .
Answer : This problem is usually caused by the data cable. There are a lot of charging cable on the market made with poor materials and the quality is poor. Some of stated 1A – 1.5A charging cable is even less than 1A power to the smart phone after reducing the loss . Many of end users don’t know that . They simply assume all the cables function exactly the same.
Some of the old smart phone could use 1.5A -2A cable to support fast charging . But these years new smart phones like Samsung , HuaWei ,New ipad need at least 3A to charge . So old cable can not support fast charging for new smart phones .

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