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Why Choose QC4.0+PD 30W PD Car Adapter?

Why Choose QC4.0+PD 30W PD Car Adapter?   Our New model CCB12 with QC4.0+PD 30W PD Car Adapter now it’s ready.   For a few bucks,with a good power USB Car Charger can charge your Mobile Phone and other devices faster than the port that came in your car. After testing more than 60 models, […]

Apple iphone 11 with 18W PD Charger -18W PD chargers

Apple iphone 11 with 18W PD Charger -18W PD chargers Apple held its 2019 autumn new product launch at the Apple Park Jobs Theater in California, USA, officially launching three new iPhones in 2019: iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. All three mobile phones support 18W USB PD fast charging. The […]

Review RAVPOWER GaN charger – 61W GaN charger

Review RAVPOWER GaN charger When it comes to the application of gallium nitride ( GaN charger ) in USB PD fast charging appliances, we have to mention the brand Ravpower, which is a well-known cross-border e-commerce brand, specializing in consumer power accessories, and has a high reputation in the American market. At the same time, […]

What is Gallium Nitride – GaN PD Charger

What is Gallium Nitride – GaN? How did China achieve a major breakthrough in the third generation of semiconductors? For this reason, we have invited Dr. Zhou, vice president of research and development of the GaN factory, to give us an in-depth disclosure of GaN. 1, What is the difference between the third-generation semiconductor and […]

Review Anker GaN PD Chargers

Anker GaN PD chargers were processed bulk order from 2018, ANKER GaN PD charger Anker released the first generation products on October ,2018 , Which is “ ANKER PowerPort Atom PD1 “ GaN PD chargers , New GaN technology ,Knew in the industry as 3rd generation of semiconductor materials , is used in a variety […]

4 Answers to Fast Charging Car Charger

  Here are 4 answers to the questions of fast charging car charger . 1) Question : The fast charging car charger can’t be pulled out after inserting into the cigarette holder ? Answers : A ) First,confirm whether you usually use a cigarette lighter to smoke? Using a cigarette lighter to light the cigarette, […]

Fast Chargers – Solutions For Apple iPhone Xs or XR

Fast Chargers Solutions For Apple iPhone Xs or XR,8,8 plus,iPhone x etc. Fast Chargers Solutions for iphone and ipad,Apple iphone XS or XR , iphone 8 iphone 8 plus ,iphone X.According to Apple Inc announced the iPhone XS and XR new iPhone . It is nice smart phone . From iPhone 8 & X , Apple iPhone can support fast charging .   But for the standard charger , iPhone original charger still with 5W normal wall charger . It is 5V,1A. All of iPhone fans and consumers were expecting iPhone XS or XR could with fast charging this time. But after Apple Announced the new iPhone XS and XR,These 2 smart phone still with 5W charger / Adapter. Frankly speaking,As the Apple fans,most of the fans were disappointed about the standard chargers. But it is ok . We ( HK Flier Developers Co. Ltd.) can provide some suggestions or solutions about Fast chargers solutions for iphone ,iphone XS,XR Here are some points for your reference . 1) If you have Apple 29W adapters . The part no. is #A1540 . 14.5V,2.0A , PD 5.2V ,2.4A , 30 minutes can charge 50% power capacity . It is much faster than 5W . It is also can use for iPad , Apple MacBook pro . On the same time . Apple 61W – A1718 laptop adapter also with USB power delivery. It can charge 20.3A , 3.0A and 9V,3A (USB PD ) or 5.2V,2.4A . Or if you have Apple 87W -A1719 notebook adapters . It also can help to charge the newest iPhone 2018. As it support 20.2V,4.3A , 9V,3A (USB PD ) , 5.2V,2.4A . Above connector port is type-C to lighting . 2) HK Flier developers owe developed 18W , 27W , 45W usb power delivery charger . All of them can support fast charging for iPhone and iPad . It can charger 50% cost about half hours (30 miutes ) . It can save at least 1 hour time for charging . The connection is type-C to lighting cable . 3) The third solution is use Quick charger 3.0 . to charge the newest iPhone XS or XR . Of course it also can charge Apple iPhone 8 , iPhone x etc. The specification is Quick charger : 3.6V-8V / 3.0A , 12V / 2.0A . The part no.# EQ24 . The connector port is USB 3.0 to lighting . […]