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How to choose high quality replacement laptop adapters – replacement apple laptop adapters

Replacement laptop adapters how to choose the high quality one ?

Today I wanna say some points about replacement laptop adapters .

Replacement laptop adapters & batteries are very popular in the after market .

From you bought the laptop . There are 1pc of original brand laptop adapter

and1pc of laptop battery . Of course the quality the top quality .

I would like to share some points as below :

  • As the consumer products . No matter the adapters , But also the batteries . Both of them have life span .
  • For the adapters can work for 2-5 years . For the battery there is circle times .
  • For the original brands laptop batteries are with 400-500 times working circle times . This is the feature of Li-ion batteries .
  • After you bought the laptop back home . You need to take the laptop to the office , coffee shop , visiting customers .
  • making demonstration . listening music ,traveling etc . Smart phone is very important to us .
  • But laptop is much more important for our working.

In this case . 1pc of laptop adapter and 1pc of laptop battery are not enough for us .

We need to keep both of them at home , But extra pairs in the office . or anywhere where what wanted to be .

Now this is the replacement laptop adapters and batteries are necessary to us .

  • How to choose the good quality of replacement laptop adapters & batteries is very important .
  • For the oversea end users . It is not easy to choose . Because there are different levels products in the market .
  • End users are not professional .

There are some points for your reference .

3-1 ) Adapters —–

A ) You need to check the specification if the same as your original brand one . Like voltage , current , tips ,

brands (Each original brand designed PCB is different) .

So you need to match the replacement laptop adapters can compatible with your original brand .

B ) Each original brand adapters are with the original Part no. .  You can search the part no.  In the brands website .

And almost of resellers always can tell you if your part no. Can compatible with their products or not .

Because one original adapters can compatible with many different models .

C ) You can check with the sellers about the warranty . HK Flier Developers Co. LTd always provide at least 12 months warranty .

D ) Checking the adapters will be heating or not during charging . If it will be very heating .

It means the PCB materials were low quality . It can cause fire not breaking your laptop .

The replacement laptop adapters from HK Flier Developers Co.Ltd. Please 100% no worry .

Because we all of the specification and materials are the same as original one .

It means our quality can meet or exceed the original one .

To be honest . We sold our replacement laptop adapters for more than 14 years .

Our RMA is less than 0.001% according to our RMA data . Most of my customers never had return goods to us .

This is why we can cooperate with many different big brands in EU and USA .

Only with R&D team is not enough . But also we have very strict QC Standard .

All of our laptop adapters must be 100% checking and testing to make sure it is 100% high quality .

Actually our replacement laptop adapters can compatible with many different brands like Dell , HP , Acer ,

Lenovo , IBM , Toshiba , Sony , Apple , Microsoft surface , Asus , etc .

We are good at developing replacement Apple laptop adapters .

Now we have full range of replacement Apple laptop adapters .

from A1357 -10W for ipad ,iphone , A1540 – 29W ; A1374 – 45W ; A1436 -45W ;

A1184 – 60W; A1435 -60W ; A1343 -85W ; A1424 -85W ;A1718 -61W ; A1719 -87W .

I use our own replacement Apple laptop adapters for more than 3 years by A1436 each day . It is still working .

replacement laptop adapters

replacement laptop adapters

I would like to send the link about the replacement Apple laptop adapters catalog for your reference .

There is original part no. # , Specifications , compatible models .

Your can click and check .

If you don’t wanna to open the link . You also can follow our official website .

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