Apple 18W PD charger

Apple iphone 11 with 18W PD Charger -18W PD chargers

Apple iphone 11 with 18W PD Charger -18W PD chargers

Apple held its 2019 autumn new product launch at the Apple Park Jobs Theater in California, USA,
officially launching three new iPhones in 2019: iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.
All three mobile phones support 18W USB PD fast charging.

The two models of the iPhone 11 Pro series are equipped with a USB-C interface 18W PD chargers and USB-C to Lightning fast charging data cable.

  • At present, there are 9 Apple iphone models that support USB PD fast charging.


The newly released iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max are equipped with 18W USB PD fast charging appliances and USB-C to Lightning fast charging cable.
Apple mobile phone has formed a strong camp on USB PD fast charging,
which will play a positive education role for end-users and further expand the market demand for 18W PD fast charging device and 30W USB PD fast charging device.


Apple 18W PD chargers

Apple 18W PD chargers

  • What benefits will iPhone 11 support PD charging in 2019 bring to the whole charging accessories market? As fast filling accessories manufacturers, and how to face the current situation?
  • The iPhone 11 Pro series comes standard with 18W PD fast charging, which will be the benchmark event for the PD protocol in ultra-large-scale applications in the fast charging field, which will bring about a blowout of PD application demand.
  • The new iPhone11 Pro/Pro Max released which uses the type-c 18W original charger and the standard type-c Lighting cable.which will greatly increase the use of the cable, reduce the cost of the cable, and greatly promote the popularity of type-c.
  • Although iphone 8/X series itself supports PD fast charging, over 95% of the previous iPhone users did not experience fast charging , but after apple’s standard 18W PD chargers, they will intuitively feel the improvement of charging performance of USB-C to Lightning.
  • Once they get used to this speed, they cannot go back! It is inevitable to start buying spare charging devices for upgrading cars /offices / homes, which will also give back to users of previous iPhone 11 models.
  • Apple iphone 11 with 18W PD chargers

    Apple iphone 11 with 18W PD chargers

  • After all, it is common to have several generations of iPhone products at home, which will inject great demand energy into the whole type-c / PD accessory market! Expect the iphone 11 to have hidden levels and support for higher PD power.
  • 3 years ago, the MacBook was equipped with PD charging standard, which was the prelude of PD charging industry. Now, iPhone11 standard with 18W PD chargers, PD fast charge is not only a consumer industry, but also a “universal charge” in the real sense, which has been rapidly extended to automobile, industrial, communication, medical and other industries.
  • As we know, in addition to iPhone, HUAWEIi, SAMSUNG, XIAOMI and other mobile phone brands have launched a number of mobile phones that support USB PD quick charge. Some of them even explore the application of USB PD quick charge to the cheap mobile phones market, Better expanding the application scene of USB PD quick charge.
  • At the same time, with the advent of 5G, mobile phones and other mobile products have increasingly high requirements on charging speed. We believe that USB PD fast charge with strong compatibility and a maximum charging power of 100W will become the first choice for more 5G mobile phones.

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