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What is Gallium Nitride – GaN PD Charger

What is Gallium Nitride – GaN?

How did China achieve a major breakthrough in the third generation of semiconductors?

For this reason, we have invited Dr. Zhou, vice president of research and development of the GaN factory, to give us an in-depth disclosure of GaN.

1, What is the difference between the third-generation semiconductor and the first two generations?

  • First of all, what are the first, second and third-generation semiconductors? The first generation of semiconductors we call Si and Ge materials.
  • The second generation is compound semiconductors, such as GaAs, InP and other materials.
  • The third generation is characterized by wider bandgap in terms of materials, which brings advantages such as higher breakdown voltage, higher power density and huge advantages in the fields of rf and power devices.

2、What are the differences between 8-inch wafers and 6-inch wafers?

  • Eight inches is the diameter of a wafer, which is about 200mm in metric terms, and six inches is 150mm,

From 6 to 8 inches, the effective wafer area can be increased by 84 percent and the cost of a single chip can be reduced by 20 to 40 percent.

  • Because 8 inches it is a more advanced manufacturing technology, it can have a better process, the equipment can achieve higher performance and higher reliability.
  • The last, 8 inches is actually a mainstream technology in semiconductors, and the entire supply chain is more complete.
  • For example, if we choose the package, 8 inches can be used for the advanced package of Sungwan, Jiangyin Changdian, and Tongfu, while for 6 inches, we can only choose the packaging factory of Tier 2.

3, What are the current models of gallium nitride industry?

  • Actually, gallium nitride, like silicon, has three main modes, one called IDM, from beginning to end, doing everything, from design to manufacturing to testing.
  • Another is, for example, Qualcomm, which belongs to the Fabless mode, does the design by itself, and then gives the OEM to TSMC, which belongs to the OEM model. In the gallium nitride industry also has such a model of OEM,
  • But we think gallium nitride to this stage, in a product outbreak at the forefront, this time will do a lot of technical iterations, improve product upgrade cycle. IDM mode has huge advantages in this respect, and IDM has an independent and controllable advantage in cost.

4、How does gallium nitride replace conventional power devices?

Now gallium nitride is actually in its infancy because it’s been less than a decade since EPC first introduced enhanced gallium nitride devices. Therefore, if we want to compete with our very mature silicon power devices, we will face two challenges.

  • The one is cost, it compared with silicon has some disadvantages, but with 8 inches technology first step can be a single gan device cost and the gap between the same specifications of the silicon devices down to less than 25%, Another, by one or two generations.
  • we put the technology iteration can be on cost and silicon MOS under equal on resistance and breakdown voltage is completely flat.
  • The second challenge is reliability. By setting up a reliability laboratory and failure analysis laboratory, Innoco can quickly iterate reliability with IDM mode, so that our reliability can reach the industrial level or even car standard level, thus vigorously promoting the application of gallium nitride.

    61W GaN PD charger factory

    61W GaN PD charger factory

All in all. China has achieved a major breakthrough in third-generation semiconductors, gaining the strength and chips to compete with international counterparts, Because of the high performance and low cost of 8-inch wafers, as well as the independent and controllable IDM industry model.

We look forward to the gallium nitride continue to make great efforts to accelerate the popularization of this technology and realize the great mission of science and technology serving the better life of mankind.

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    Gan PD charger 61W manufacturer

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